Roland Gräf

Roland Gräf (13.10.1934-11.5.2017), director, screenwriter and cinematographer: Roland Gräf studied camera at the German Academy of Cinematography in Babelsberg from 1954 to 1959. From 1960, he worked at the DEFA studio for feature films and, from the mid-1960s onwards, played a decisive role in shaping the camera style of a poetic realism ("Jahrgang 45"), which was an important means of expression for a group of young directors in their exploration of reality. In 1970 he made his directorial debut with "Mein lieber Robinson" ("My Dear Robinson"), and with his most successful film "Die Flucht" ("The Flight") (1978) he dealt with a taboo subject of the GDR, the flight from the GDR.