Children's film specialist: Tamara Bos

We have the Dutch author to thank for great children's films

Children's films are almost inconceivable without children's books. Novels for children are almost automatically turned into films for children, who feed off the books' popularity and thus expect more success. Of course, the calculation doesn't always work out, because as great as a children's book may be, the film has to be convincing first! Often the creators of the books are asked to advise the film team or to write the screenplay themselves. One of the most successful and best children's book authors is Tamara Bos. Born in 1967 in Ede/Netherlands, she has been writing since childhood and is the author of many award-winning children's books and screenplays. She received the Frankfurt Book Fair Film Award 2018 for the film adaptation of her children's novel "Romys Salon". Her works also include "Die geheimnisvolle Minusch", "Ein Pferd für Winky", "Der wunderbare Wiplala", "Alfie, der kleine Werwolf" and "Hilfe, unser Lehrer ist ein Frosch".